"The objective of the Get Fit Franklin is to improve the overall health of our residents to take the first step to fitness — or take the next step — by stepping out their front door and going for a walk on existing sidewalks or walking trails. "

A 2011 Visioning process conducted by Franklin Tomorrow in its nine topic areas — Business, Community Character, Education, Environment, Government, Growth & Development, Housing, Recreation, and Transportation — found a need to include the health and well-being of our community, leading to this project.

Let’s Get Fit

Franklin Tomorrow is proud to launch its community co-operative initiative, Get Fit Franklin, thanks to the support of their founding partner, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, and other partners, including the City of Franklin. This project is designed to encourage residents to take the first steps to a healthier, more active community by stepping out their front door. Participants, who register for the program, will receive t-shirts and other promotional materials as part of the program.

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Let’s Get Started

Commit to Be Fit, Family Style

By Stacey K. Kendrick, MS, Health Educator

It’s the time again when many of us are reflecting on the past year, and the changes we might want to make as we forge ahead. Once of the most common goals for the New Year that I seem to hear is the desire to be more physically active. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week, and that children get one hour each day. It can reduce the risk for chronic diseases, help control weight and help the kids with doing well in school. But, with the challenges of a busy career and family obligations, that goal can seem like an impossible feat. Finding ways of being active together might be the perfect solution; it combines living healthy with quality family time.

Talk it over as a family. Discuss what types of activities everyone likes and make a plan to include something for everyone. Aim for things that are fun, readily available and can easily be included in daily life. Examples for outdoors could be playing in the backyard or playground with a ball or Frisbee, roller skating, flying a kite or riding bikes. When the weather is bad try dancing to music, skipping rope in the garage, or swimming at an indoor pool.

Start healthy habits. Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults. Making family activities and fitness part of your child’s life at an early age can go a long way toward helping them form healthy habits for life. Walking for 30 minutes after dinner as a family is a great option to consider. Try keeping a calendar on the refrigerator and let the children mark off the days you walk together with a sticker. Not only will you be encouraging healthy habits, but that walk will provide quality down time (especially if you make it a cell phone-free time).

Plan active family events. Keep searching for ways to include physical activity in everything you do. At your child’s next birthday party choose active games such as tag, hula hooping or dancing. At family or holiday gatherings, turn off the TV and take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a short hike at a park. When planning a vacation, include active pursuits such as a nature walk, an architecture tour or bike riding.

Adopting new behaviors and making them a permanent part of your lifestyle can be challenging. Even when things go astray temporarily, remember that each day is a chance to start fresh, and get back on track. Make a plan ahead of time for obstacles such as an upcoming business trip. Reward the family for sticking to the plan with healthy treats such as a day at the ice skating rink. Taking steps to be fit family-style will pay off in many ways, and a new year will be off to a bright and healthy start.

Stacey Kendrick works in the Strategic Marketing Department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Get Fit Franklin quarterly event Sept. 27 at Johnson Elementary

Mayor Ken Moore to be on hand

The quarterly event for Get Fit Franklin, presented by Franklin Tomorrow, CIty of Franklin, and Vanderbilt Health, will be Saturday, Sept. 27, 9-11 a.m., at Johnson Elementary.

Registration for new and returning attendees can be found at www.getfitfranklinsept2014.eventbrite.com

Come and work out with Mrs. Tennessee Stephanie Webb of Williamson County, as well as a host of other local fitness instructors.

The class from the Franklin Special School District with the highest level of participation — students, parents, and friends — will receive a special surprise from Get Fit Franklin and Franklin Tomorrow!

Mrs. Tennessee Stephanie Webb is a mother of three and beyond the pageant arena, is a successful Realtor, previous Zumba instructor for an NBC Biggest Loser-affiliated camp and community leader at her church and at schools and camps across Tennessee and Kentucky. Stephanie was recently featured in the Tennessee State Museum’s #NashvilleSelfie exhibit to promote diversity in Music City.

Get Fit Franklin encourages individuals and families to take the first step to fitness by stepping out their front door for a walk or to enjoy an hour of exercise at least three times per week.

Those who sign up for the program through the www.getfitfranklintn.org Website receive a t-shirt, pedometer, and other materials. Those attending the Sept. 27 event will have a chance to win one of two FitBits, courtesy of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

Vendors will be set up on site that day, along with representatives from the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Franklin Fire and Police Departments, Williamson Medical Center Emergency Medical Service, Franklin YMCA, Williamson County Health Department, TENNderCare, along with a variety of other vendors and exhibitors.


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Let’s Get Walking


We all know the health benefits of walking, not only will you feel and look better, but things like lowering your blood pressure, your blood sugar levels, plus dropping a few pounds, should help  get you off the couch and out with others trying to accomplish the same things.

We will provide you the tools you need to get started and keep going on a healthy walking program.

Here you will find routes around the city where you can safely walk.  The routes are measured and mapped for your convenience.  The Franklin Transit Authority operates on many of these routes should you need a ride.

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